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3D Engineers (UK) - Consulting CAD/CAM Design Engineers
Norman Dewis - Fine Sports Cars Consulting Engineer
Giotto Bizzarrini - Fine Sports Cars Consulting Engineer
Alfredo Zanellato Vignale
   Fine Sports Cars Consulting Designer and Engineer
Grifo Group - Consulting Engineers for Vintage Italian Automobiles
Ashton Marshall - Fine Sports Cars Consulting Engineer
Stuart Brown - 3D Engineers (UK) - Consulting CAD/CAM Design Engineers
3D Engineers was founded to prove that modern technology could beautifully complement traditional ways of working with vintage automobiles. Stuart Brown, founder of 3D Engineers, initially set himself a task, with 100% passion, to digitizing the iconic Bugatti T35 Grand Prix car. The Bugatti Trust in Gotherington UK, sold him a set of plans to start this task. This quest became an obsession to recreate the whole car in 3D by using CAD (computer aided design). Stuart’s pursuit of excellence led him to design hardware and gadgetry to produce the best possible results in his work. The Bugatti project was completed over several years. In fact this is one of the factors that led him to winning the Innovation Award at the International Historic Motoring Awards in 2011.

3D Engineers has gone from strength to strength with projects around the world, from the UK to Europe and further afield to the USA and South Africa. Today's projects still include the original reverse engineering, plus significant use of 3D scanning to aid particularly in restoration and preservation work, as well as bespoke design.

Stuart can count amongst his clients some of the more famous names and vehicles in the automotive and motorsport world, but equally importantly, many are enthusiasts and private collectors, and of course, Fine Sports Cars who seek to embrace the opportunity that 3D Engineers offers with its work.

Stuart and his company, 3D Engineers, are an integral part of our FSC Legacy Series of sports racing cars. His technology and expertise provide us with the ability to hand craft an exact facsimile of the original car - to the highest possible standards. Stuart is a close associate and much valued friend of Fine Sports Cars.
3D Engineers CAD design produces exact digital measurements from an original car, enabling Fine Sports Cars to hand fabricate of an exact duplicate alloy body shell for our clients.
International Historic Motoring Awards
Winner - Innovation of the Year (2011)
3D Engineers, UK

Following on from its success in being the first to completely record every part of an out of production car - the Bugatti Type 35 - within the last year 3D Engineers has brought to market a range of services that are unique in the classic car field. The company enables restorers to use traditional skills more effectively by utilizing new technology - scanning equipment, research and Computer Aided Design (CAD) skills - to help re-create old vehicles and design remanufactured vintage cars. Their particular skill lies in the creation of bucks and formers to enable car bodies to be made more accurately and to a recordable standard.
Stuart Brown, Founder of 3D Engineers, accepting Innovation of the Year award (2011).
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Norman Dewis - Fine Sports Cars Consulting Engineer
Norman Dewis is one of the true legends of the British motoring industry. Now in his ninth decade, he remains a passionate and eloquent advocate for Jaguar sports racing cars and British engineering brilliance.
During the course of almost 70 years in the motorsport industry, 33 years of them as Jaguar's chief test engineer, Norman was responsible for the development of some of the most fantastic British cars ever to grace both road and track.
As Jaguar’s Test Development Engineer, Norman Dewis tested and developed a remarkable series of historic Jaguar cars, including: the C-Type, D-Type, XK140/150, MkII Saloons, Mk VII/VIIM, E-Type, XJ13, XJ/XJS, and XJ40.
 Photo by Tom Grünweg
His remarkable career includes setting the 1953 production car record speed in an XK120; driving with Sterling Moss in the 1952 Mille Miglia; driving a works D-Type at the 1955 Le Mans; driving the famous '77RW' E-Type roadster from Coventry to the 1960 Geneva Auto Show; being the last to drive the original prototype XJ13; and playing a crucial role in the development of the Dunlop disc brake system.
Fine Sports Cars is very proud to be working in association with Jaguar’s chief test engineer and competition driver, Norman Dewis, to sanction a limited continuation of Jaguar’s most famous competition and road cars.
Michael Prior, Fine Sports Cars Director, with Norman Dewis next to the first prototype D-Type. Norman Dewis will work in association with Ashton Marshall, Fine Sports Cars' Chief Engineer, to produce the Norman Dewis
D-Type. Each car will be hand-crafted to original specifications.
Giotto Bizzarrini - Fine Sports Cars Consulting Engineer
Following a life of test driving, engineering and ultimately car making, Giotto Bizzarrini is one of the greatest men to have ever stepped into the automotive racing world. After starting work at Alfa Romeo, Giotto joined Ferrari in 1957. Together with his friend Chiti, he worked on the Testa Rossa V12’s and on the 250 SWB. After this he did the same to the 250 GT SWB California Spyder and the 250 GT.
Enzo Ferrari then gave Giotto Bizzarrini direct responsibility for the development of the whole 250 GT line, and responsibility to build a new competizione Berlinetta. Not even Chiti and Scaglietti were to be informed about this project. The project became the 250 GTO.
 Photo courtesty of John Starkey,
Photo by Ferrari S.p.A.
(left to right) Enzo Ferrari, Carlo Chiti and a young Bizzarrini
After leaving Ferrari, Bizzarrini was contracted to design the V12 engine for the Lamborghini 350 GTV, and then detuned it afterwards to fit the 350 GT. However, Lamborghini refused him the opportunity to build a race car. After parting ways with Lamborghini and then ISO, Bizzarrini went onto start his own company and build his own mid-engine car to race at Le Mans, that car became the P538. Giotti Bizzarini’s passion was to build race cars and win at Le Mans.
Fine Sports Cars are proud to be working with Giotto Bizzarrini as the Consulting Engineer for our Bizzarrini and Ferrrai sports racing cars.
Alfredo Zanellato Vignale
Fine Sports Cars Consulting Designer and Engineer
Alfredo Zanellato Vignale carries on the Vignale family tradition of excellence in design and the family's historic association with sports racing cars. He has fond memories of going to see and work at his family’s coach building workshops and has recently released a book on the history of Carrozzeria Vignale. Alfredo is recognized for his classic approach to design and art in multiple areas.
Fine Sports Cars is very proud to be working with Alfredo Vignale as our consulting designer and engineer. Together with Alfredo Vignale, Fine Sports Cars will offer a limited edition of the Carrozzeria Vignale bodied 340MM and the 375 America.
We are also working with Alfredo Vignale and ASI to design a modern continuation of the famous 340MM car, that won the Mille Miglia, to compete in a future global historic challenge series.

Carrozzeria Vignale - History
In 1948 Alfredo Vignale establish his own 'Carrozzeria Vignale'. International recognition came soon. After a few victories in various races, including the 1953 Mille Miglia, the already famous Ferrari replaced Touring by Vignale as the coach builder of their choice. Vignale's name and reputation was set. The result was that orders came pouring in. Many special orders were placed, not only from Italy but others also found their way to Vignale. Bodies were always produced by hand.

Sheets were rolled and hammered into forms, and also the finer shaping was done by skilled metal workers, judging by eye without a dummy buck.
In August 1961, the carrozzeria moved to their new premises in Grugliasco, just outside Torino. Here, production really started. The last Lancia Appias, the Flavia, the Maserati 3500 GTV and Sebring. The economic forces of the late sixties were in the end too strong for small coachbuilders like Vignale. The relatively small scale production - labor intensive even for that time - made Vignale cars too expensive to attract the large production needed to survive. Alfredo Vignale sold the firm to De Tomaso who used the premises to accommodate Ghia's production of the Pantera.
Mille Miglia winner

Ferrari 340MM
Vignale #547

 Photo by Doctor Hackenbush
Alfredo Zanellato Vignale Sanctioned Cars:

340MM Barchetta
375 America
and the following models:
166, 195, 212, 225, 500, 625

A6G Coupe (1950)
A6GCS Spyder (1953)
5000GT prototype (1962)

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Grifo Group - Consulting Engineers for Vintage Italian Automobiles
The Grifo Group is a multi-faceted automotive company focused on the preservation and sales of classic Italian sports cars, and the promotion of motorsport events in Europe. The group’s head office is based in Monaco, with showrooms in Monte Carlo and in Northern Italy.
The Grifo Group all have many years of experience working for, and in association with, all of the famous Italian sports and racing car companies.
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Ashton Marshall
Fine Sports Cars Consulting Engineer
Ashton Marshall has been intimately involved with sports racing cars and motorsports since the early 1950's.
Ashton has over 50 years of experience in remanufacturing the rarest and most famous marques from around the world, with the knowledge to be able to reconstruct rare sports racing cars that are exact in every detail to the factory originals.
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