Bernard de Miguel, Michael Prior, Manuel de Miguel in entry hall with Ferrari 365 GTB Daytona.
Fine Sports Cars - European Office
To grow a business in Europe we believe an experienced local partner who understands the market is required to help an organization succeed. As part of our Global strategy, Fine Sports Cars made the decision in 2013 to accelerate our market presence and support services in Europe. To achieve this we have selected a company with over 40 years of European business development and marketing experience in the classic car, rally and racing industry.

In the summer of 2013 Fine Sports Car's directors travelled to Europe to formally establish our European Office. Fine Sports Cars is pleased to announce a cooperative partnership with IRESA, Don Manuel de Miguel and his family. As Director Fine Sports Cars Europe, Don Manuel de Miguel will represent our European operations in Europe, with Fine Sports Cars European Office located in the family Castle Montclar, Lerida, Spain.

Bernard de Miguel, Les Pioch, Don Manuel de Miguel, Michael Prior
To assist Fine Sports Cars to achieve our Global growth ambitions, Fine Sports Cars European Office assists with:

• Local Sales and Technical Support Services
• Business Development, Public Relations, and Social Media Support
• Development of Marketing and Communications Channels
• Development of New Unique Value Propositions for our Customers
• European Event Management


Fine Sports Cars and IRESA will work together as cooperative partners to provide our clients with local services.
These services include: sales and support services for FSC's full range of remanufactured sports racing cars; sales of rare original cars; locating rare vintage and classic cars to restore; technical and ground support services at race tracks across Europe.
"IRESA has proven to be a trusted, valued, and supportive partner to Fine Sports Cars over the past years of working together. As our European Office, they will assist us in accelerating our market awareness and growth in this region. Their combination of ability, experience, contacts, as well as their energy and enthusiasm has already helped provide us with rapid and measurable results."

- Michael Prior Ph.D., President, Fine Sports Cars

Directors meeting at Castle Montclar.
“IRESA has always wanted to expand our business around the world and conduct our classic car and race business with the United States. Our family has all been interested in developing this part of our business. In fact, over the years we conducted some very interesting car purchases and sales with US dealers. In order for IRESA to establish and operate a long distance classic cars business between Europe and the USA, we decided that we had to work with a professional partner. This was recently achieved when IRESA made an agreement with Fine Sports Cars. With the help of Fine Sports Cars’ President, Michael Prior, we have formed a cooperative partnership between our two companies, to offer classic car and race services to our respective clients.”

- Don Manuel de Miguel, IRESA

IRESA's Expansive Network and Classic Car Services
Racing classic cars themselves, each of the family members provide hands-on experience with expert input and advise, as well as many unique contacts in the European marketplace though their vast network of personal relationships.
IRESA provides full race support services to race and rally teams within Europe. They can also supply full technical and race track support for GT car and vintage racing on European circuits for Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Lancia and Fiat race cars.
IRESA at the Historic Monte Carlo Rally.
“Thanks to the many contacts we made over the years, we now have one of the largest networks in Europe to find and locate unique parts and cars for our clients. We also provide services to assist with exporting many interesting cars from Spain to other countries.”

- Manuel de Miguel, IRESA

IRESA's Beginnings
In 1970, Manuel de Miguel decided to start his automotive company in Spain. At this time the FIA had decided that all racing cars should have a rollover bar and almost no one had one. This was the first item produced by IRESA. Manuel also wanted to get involved with and develop more “technical” products for racing cars. The opportunity came when the Simca Competition Dept. Manager asked IRESA to produce a racing exhaust manifold and an inlet manifold for fitting 2 Weber carburetors to the SIMCA 1000 Rally and Renault Alpines.

Manuel de Miguel with “Maestro” Juan Manuel Fangio in 1975.
During the seventies IRESA continued to develop its range of new products and services for their clients. In 1974 IRESA produced a small batch of 6 cars called “Barqueta IRESA”. These cars were 2 seater sports cars with a space frame chassis, fiberglass body, and Hewland gearbox. The engine was either a Fiat Twin Cam or a 1600 Cosworth. The cars were very light (450 Kgs.) and were used for hill climb events. At the same time IRESA added Weber carburetors to their range of parts to complement their special inlet manifolds which were gradually being expanded.
At the beginning of the eighties, Fiat Spain competition manager asked IRESA to develop the Autobianchi A112 Abarth and adapt it for racing use in the newly launched A112 Challenge. IRESA developed and built many of these kits. Some years later, when Fiat Spain decided to create a championship for new single-seater race car powered by the new Fiat Fire engine, IRESA was once again asked to be in charge of developing and manufacturing these new cars.

Experts in Locating Restoration Projects and Vintage Sports Racing Cars
The eighties also saw IRESA add a new division to their business: locating racing and classic sports cars in both local and international markets for their clients in Europe and providing assistance with documentation to import them into Spain.

Manuel and his sons are experts in locating unique restoration projects that have been lost over time. These projects will become part of Fine Sports Cars Legacy Series of cars that honor past designers, engineers, drivers, and legendary race events.

With the expansion of the IRESA company and the many new aspect of the business, Manuel’s two sons, Bernard and Eric have joined the company.
All three family members are active classic cars drivers on rallies as well as on the race track. They all race and rally a wide range of cars from the SEAT (Spanish Fiat) 124 /2000 Gr 4, Peugeot 306 Gr N, Ferrari 275, Alfa Romeo Giulia, and others.
IRESA race their cars regularly in vintage sports car events in Europe.
(Top) Eric de Miguel, Jean Ragnotti - Renault works racing driver and Manuel de Miguel.

(Right) Markku Alen - World Rally Champion with Eric de Miguel.

(Left) Claude Dubois - former Shelby Cobra importer for Europe and well known driver, 24 hours of Le Mans with Ferrari, Ford, de Tomaso, with Bernard de Miguel.

(Top right) Emilio de Villota - former F1 driver talks with Manuel de Miguel.

(Left) Eric de Miguel, Miki Biasion - World Rally Champion, and Bernard de Miguel.

(Bottom) Bernard de Miguel with Sandro Munari - World Rally Champion.

Castle Montclar
The Montclar Castle (L'Urgell – Spain) is one of the few fortresses in which it is possible today to celebrate weddings, banquets, and celebrations. The name Montclar "Monte Claro" indicates its privilegiated position from which there is an exceptional view over the Urgell and the Noguera plains.
The majestic Castle of Montclar dominates the village which has the same name in the region of Urgell (Spain).The castle, edified over the remains of an ancient roman tower, shows an elegant architecture of the Catalan Renaissance, of the XVI and XVII centuries, and has been restored recently. The main charm of the castle is to be found in the spaciousness of its rooms, in the big staircase that goes up to the noble floor...without forgetting its exterior architecture.

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