Vintage Race Certification
It is now possible, for a fraction of the cost of an original car, to enjoy driving a legendary sports racing car on the world’s historic race circuits, surrounded by other cars no less mythical.
Fine Sports Cars automobiles can be used in competition at selected vintage events, or registered for road use. If your car is intended for use in vintage racing events, FIA Certification can be arranged on special request.
In order for your car to comply with FIA Certification rules, on your request, we will construct your car to the exact specifications of the original model car with no upgrades.
To be approved for a FIA Historic Technical Passport the car is required to be manufactured with the same materials, manufacturing methods (eg. welding or casting and machining techniques) and of course identical to the original in terms of size, shape, design of chassis, suspension, and body.
Fine Sports Cars, on your behalf, will then submit the necessary paperwork to the FIA and request that an HTP (Historic Technical Passport) certification for vintage racing be issued.

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