Fine Sports Cars was honored to have been selected and awarded the honor of constructing an Aston Martin DBR1 as a lifetime tribute to represent Carroll Shelby's motorsport legacy.
The following is a small pictorial representing Carroll Shelby's activities in the 1950's with an emphasis on his win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1959 driving DBR1/2. This win helped Aston Martin to capture the World Sportscar Championship and is considered Aston Martin's finest motorsports triumph.
All of the Fine Sports Cars team were excited and committed to construct a hand-crafted automobile that will serve to represent the legacy of Carroll Shelby, the driver, and the Aston Martin sports cars that he drove throughout the 1950's. The build process is documented at the end of this section.
Carroll Shelby - A Racing Legend - The 1950's
A unique moment in motorsport history!
Carroll Shelby, Stirling Moss, Juan Manuela Fangio and Jean Behra.
(Top) Sebring
March 5, 1954

(Left) Charles Wallace and Carroll Shelby with the Aston Martin they raced in the Sebring Grand Prix.

(Top and Left) 1956 - 24 Hours of Le Mans: DBR1 Prototype fitted with the VB6 engine. Final Tuning in the Aston Martin Pits.

(Below) Sebring 1958
- Carroll Shelby in the Aston Martin works DBR1/300 he shared with Roy Salvadori

Mokuleia, Oahu, April 1957 - Shelby seated in Edgar Maserati 300S with which he would finish 3rd in
Hawaiian International Speed Week's Gold Cup Challenge.
1958 Cuban Grand Prix - Shelby joking with Moss about being ready sooner than he needed to be.
24 Hours of Le Mans - 1959
Aston Martin Team arriving at Hotel de France 1959.
Home to Aston Martin's factory race cars during every Le Mans 24 Hours week from 1952 to 1959, the Hotel de France in La Chartre-sur-Loir.
(Left) Aston Martin mechanics working on team cars in hotel courtyard prior to the race.

(Below) Outside the Hotel de France.

(Below) Warming up cars prior to the race.
Excitement builds in Pit Row - Aston Martin Team - Le Mans 1959.
Last minute instructions in the pits.
(Above) On Pit Row - 1959 - No. 5 Salvadori/Shelby car and No. 4 Moss/Fairman Car.
(Below) The famous runing start at Le Mans.
The exact second that No. 5 car starts the race.
The Racing Legends - DBR1/2 drivers Carroll Shelby and Roy Salvadori - Aston Martin Team at 1959 Le Mans.
Refueling and changing drivers.
Shelby Driving DBR1 Wins 1959 24 Hours of Le Mans
1959 Le Mans Award Ceremony - Shelby & Salvadori
The Aston Martin Team - 1959 at Goodwood

Carroll Shelby, Stirling Moss, Roy Salvadori, David Brown 
Carroll Shelby driving Aston Martin DBR1 Team car No. 2
RAC Tourist Trophy
Carroll Shelby Tribute at 1997 Laguna Seca Historic Races
In tribute to Shelby's 1959 Le Mans victory, Peter Hardman drove Carroll Shelby around Laguna Seca on several demonstration laps in the 1959 Le Mans winning Aston Martin DBR1.
The pair return through the pits after their spectacular run.
Carroll Shelby Legacy Project - Aston Martin DBR1/2
Fine Sports Cars Directors and Management meeting in San Diego, California to plan the Carroll Shelby Legacy Project.
Chassis Construction to Period Correct Specifications:
Original design cockpit cage and chassis floor as per DBR1 series cars.
Note different diameter tubular sections as per original car.
Original 1950's Aston Martin Lagonda rebuilt steering rack.
(Left) Hand-forming the body panels on an English wheel.
(Below) Superleggara type profiles set in place to position the new rear panel height.
Correct head rest and tail constructed to match DBR1/2.
(Below) Door frame, hinge and latch completed.
Rear door legs completed to match original DBR1 by forming the front of the rear wheel arch.
(Above) The original DBR1 split dash layout showing position of switches, lights and dials.

(Left) Period correct original toggle switches.

Split dash partially completed, steering wheel positioned.

Each panel was hand-crafted in alloy with direct reference to the original DBR1 series cars, factory drawings, current and period photos.

Aston Martin DBR1/2 Rolling Chassis
Body panels, dash, front and rear suspension, steering rack, rotors, wire wheels fitted.
DBR1 Prototype Engine
Ashton Marshall, Fine Sports Cars Chief Engineer, is providing detailed input on the Shelby Tribute DBR1 engine build project. The correct Aston Martin Lagonda type unit, as carried in the original DBR1 prototype car, is being constructed with both internal and external competition components. The engine will have a period correct twin spark type cylinder head.
(Above) Reengineered twin plug head.

(Below) Rebuilt original crank.

Ashton Marshall has over 50 years of experience restoring Aston Martin's. He is a past member of the Australian Aston Martin race team.
Bill Freeman, CEO of Fine Sports Cars, with the Carroll Shelby DBR1 being built by FSC at Barrett-Jackson, 2014 show stand in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Completed by Fine Sports Cars: 1959 LeMans winning Aston Martin DBR 1/2 driven by Carroll Shelby.
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