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For over 30 years, Fine Sports Cars has been producing authentic examples of the world's legendary classic cars, vintage cars, and historic sports racing cars. More >
Our sports racing cars enable our clients to create their own unique motorsport experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. As with your own most cherished possessions, your Fine Sports Cars automobile will become part of your family heritage, an heirloom to be passed onto the next generation.
Our professional approach to business and unique global business model allow us to offer an extensive range of rare sports racing cars. Like every enthusiast, we really enjoy working with legendary designers, engineers, factories, and drivers to bring these race cars to life for our clients.
The photographs of cars on these pages are of actual existing cars used by permission from,, and Bob Krueger of They are represented on these pages to provide our prospective clients with a visual reference point only. As with any of Fine Sports Cars' classic cars: sanctioned, continuation, or remanufactured cars, each car is unique. All cars are offered with an extensive list of options and drive trains which enables us to deliver a documented car that meets the exact requirements of each of our exclusive clients.

The Ferrari cars remanufactured by Fine Sports Cars are modified to resemble specific Ferrari cars to meet the unique requirements of each of our clients. Each client’s car is built according to the customer's request, built on a donor car and chassis provided and owned by the customer. All cars are constructed using the period correct original Ferrari components. These cars are not endorsed by, or sponsored by Ferrari S.p.A., an Italian corporation.

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